Best AVI File Repair Software for Windows [2019]


Best AVI File Repair Software for Windows can help you to repair your AVI file which get corrupted.

AVI or Audio Video Interleave is a widely used video file format. Any file has a predefined structure in which it stores the information. This predefined structure is called container format. AVI container format saves both audio and video data in such a way that they are easily accessed for synchronous playback.

AVI files are preferred for ads, short films and commercial usage as it is a lot easier to compress. Also the master files in AVI file format are quite easy to share and convert. One other advantage of AVI files is that it does not need any specific software application to open, owing to its basic properties.

However AVI files are known to get corrupted very easily. As they can be encoded with a large number of codecs and the file size can be very large if not compressed, you will need a perfect tool than can understand and repair AVI files.

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Best AVI File Repair Software for Windows

Best AVI File Repair Software for Windows

Remo Repair AVI is trusted software that can efficiently fix broken AVI video files on Windows with a complete understanding of the AVI file structure. Due to the repair mechanism of this AVI repair tool, it is highly reviewed and acclaimed it as the best AVI file repair software.

What makes Remo Repair AVI the best tool to fix corrupted AVI files?

If your AVI file has an erratic playback it might be because of broken index, codec errors or header corruptions. Consequently the AVI file becomes unplayable and corrupted. Remo AVI video repair software quickly fixes complicated container corruptions at low level making it a complete solution to fix AVI video.

The unique algorithm of the software begins the repair process by separating both the audio and video components of the given video file to understand the extent of corruption and perform appropriate repair according to the type and level of corruption.

To get you a faultless AVI video the tool will require a healthy file with exact properties as the damaged AVI file. Taking the reference of the healthy file, the repair software efficiently understands even the minute damages done to the corrupt video.

The analysis of corruption is done in read only mode and then a copy of damaged file is created to implement the repair. Therefore the original damaged AVI file is protected from additional corruption and kept safe from any further data loss.

From the above sections we can understand Remo Repair AVI is the best AVI file repair software for Windows because it is unique, efficient and keeps your original file safe.

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Exceptional features of Remo Repair AVI that make it remarkable file repair software for Windows:

  • Fast: Repairs severely corrupted AVI files in just three clicks.
  • Safe: Conducts repair on a copy of damaged AVI file keeping the original video safe.
  • Compatibility: Supports all the major Windows operating systems from Windows Vista to latest Windows 10.
  • Easy-to-use: Simplistic and self explanatory user interface makes it very easy to use even for novice computer users.
  • Widely Support of codecs: Can easily repair AVI files encoded with wide variety of codecs like DIVX, XVID etc.
  • Minimum hard ware requirement: Remo AVI repair tool can flawlessly work with computers that have a basic hardware configuration like 32-bit mother board and 512 MB Ram.
  • First repair and then purchase: Unlike any other software, you can first conduct repairs, get a repaired file and finally evaluate the output using preview. Buy the software only after a successful repair of you file.


With all this said, quickly repair and get back playable and flawless AVI video file in just a matter of few minutes. You can also fix AVI files recorded across any camcorder brands like: Cannon, Olympus, Nikon, GoPro etc.

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