Best Free CPU Benchmark Software For Windows 10


Best Free CPU Benchmark Software For Windows 10 – If you are looking for CPU benchmark software, then you must know what the benchmark software is. If you do not know about it, then let me tell you about it in brief. Best benchmark software is used to take a screenshot of your PC’s performance. Using it the user can find how well the hardware is performing and which problem you have to troubleshoot and few more.

With free benchmark software, the user can make changes in hardware. But keep in mind that benchmarking is a complicated procedure, and hence you need some technical knowledge about it. Follow the procedure carefully and find which thing of your pc needs an improvement.

Many computer benchmark software available in the market at present but to make your search short, we have listed the best free pc benchmark software for windows.

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Best Free CPU Benchmark Software for Windows 10

Best Free CPU Benchmark Software For Windows 10

#1. CPU-Z

It is free benchmarking software that checks and collects all the information related to main components like CPU, its processor name, number, package, cache level, codename, etc. It also provides data related to the specification of your graphics card, motherboard, and RAM of the system. It also shows the report of real-time measurement for each internal frequency of core and memory frequency also. All the result can save in TXT file format.


#2. HW Monitor

HW Monitor is another known and best CPU benchmark tool for Windows. It is a free tool. It scans and generates a report for make and model of hardware components of your windows system. It also measures a few more parameters like fan speeds, power consumption, utilization percentage, clock speeds, etc.

With this software, users can able to find out modern CPUs hard drives temperature, video card GPU temperature and on-die core thermal sensors via S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology).


#3. SiSoftware Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra Lite is free software for benchmarking. To run this software, you need expertise, but in return, you will get detailed information about all spec of your windows pc. With this best CPU benchmark software, you can collect information related to CPU, chipset, ports, sound card, memory, printers, video adapter, Windows internals, network, AGP, PCI, PCIe, ODBC, Connections, USB2, Firewire, etc.

It can also look for the online connection of your system or components. To get an idea, the best way is to compare the performance report with similar processors and find that you need an upgrade or not.


#4. Speccy

As per the name suggest, Speccy gives you specification and other information related to your system. You will get detailed information about CPU, motherboard, graphics card, RAM, and more. Even it shows you the real-time temperature of critical components to avoid any severe issue in your pc. The result can save in snapshot, XML, or as a text file.


#5. Fraps

Fraps benchmarking software is one of the best free tools for Windows. This software is especially known in the gamer’s community. It is easy to use and let you view and save FPS- frames per second. It can test and overclock hardware and pc respectively. Now the reason why it gamers use it because you can take screenshots and also record gameplay.


#6. Cine Bench

CineBench is a multi-platform best CPU benchmark software that can give you information related to PC’s performance ability. It is based on Maxon’s Cinema 4D. These technique use to creating 3D content in various studios and production houses. It is a perfect tool to find out the performance of graphics and CPU. The best part is it is available for windows as well as mac and can measure up to 256 processor threads for free.


#7. Real Bench

Real Bench is a free and open source application. To use this best free CPU benchmark, you have to choose three tests GIMP Image Editing, LuxMark rendering, and Handbrake h.264 video compression. After that run the benchmark and get your results.

Each test covers a different part of your PC’s subcomponent to find overall system result. And if you want to compare your result with other benchmarked hardware configurations, then you can upload your result on the website as well.


#8. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is best benchmark software 2018 for Windows. It gives the user detailed specification for the hardware like clock speed, temperature, usage and more. It also acts as an overclocking utility to control your graphics card. With an FPS counter, it can show you all real-time information of the performance of the system on display. This free software is compatible with 99.9% brand’s graphics card.


#9. Unigine Suite

Unigine Suite is the software which sets its benchmark in the market. It is free software. It checks the stability and performance of the graphics processing unit with a benchmark and stress test. Even the new software Superposition is also one the tool that we recommend as it works the same ways. It also checks the GPU with benchmark or stress test and without any specification of brand or specifications. However, keep in mind that the new tool also proceeds to test the maximum limits of your system’s graphics card.


#10. Futuremark Suite

Futuremark Suite is the last one benchmark software for windows 10 in our list. It works like other software, but they claim that after running the Futuremark Suite, your system can highlight the setup and stability-related problems. To find the best hardware and know that which hardware needs an upgrade you can compare the test result. With this best benchmark software 2019, you can also find the effect of upgrading and overclocking.



With this, we sum up our article on best free CPU benchmark software for windows 10. These are some of the best tools for benchmarking your windows system. Now you can compare the system result and choose which is best for you. In case of any issue or question, you can ask us without any hesitation because the comment box is for you. Like us and share this article. Thank you for reading!

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