Class Not Registered – How to Fix Error in Windows 10


Class not registered error; do you also face this problem in your windows 10 computer?

If yes, then in this Windows 10 help tutorial, we are providing you all solutions and ways to fix this Class not registered Windows 10 error on your computer.

This error only occurs on windows 10 because of the app or program with unregistered DLL files. That causes you cannot retrieve those programs. As we know this error can affect most of the software, and there are so many users who have reported that Google Chrome isn’t working on Window 10 Computer because of this error. But, Google Chrome is not the only software which is affected by this issue.

class not registered

Class not registered Error on Windows 10

So, your work on Windows 10, follow the below solutions for fixes the issues on your Windows 10 computer:

How to solve “class not registered” on window 10 computer

SOLUTION NUMBER 1 – Disable iCloud

There are some users who have a report that Windows 10 error is caused by iCloud, for fixing this problem, all you need to close iCloud from Task Manager. Follow the below steps for closing iCloud:

  1. First, Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start Task Manager (Solution: windows 10 taskbar not working)
  2. When Task Manager Starts, find iCloud in it, when you get it, right click on it and choose the End Task option.

Or even you can also disable iCloud from starting up by using Task Manager.

  1. Again, open the Task Manager and go to the option of Startup tab.
  2. Select the iCloud button, right click on it and choose the Disable Option.

SOLUTION NUMBER 2 – Re-register Explorerframe.dll file

If internet explorer keeps crashing while giving you the pop up of “Class not registered” error, then you have to follow the below points:

  1. First, open a command prompt as administrator. To open this, first you have to Press Windows key + X and select the option of Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
  2. When Command Prompt starts working, all you have to do, paste the following code and press Enter to run it:
    Regsvr32 ExplorerFrame.dll

SOLUTION NUMBER 3 – Use Component Services

To run Component Services do the following steps:

  1. First, press the window key + R and type dcomcnfg. Then click on the enter button confirm to run that with Ok button
  2. When Component Services windows opens, go to Component Services > Computers> My Computer.
  3. Double click on DCOM Config.
  4. After the 3rd step you will get some type of warning messages. If that happens, click on Yes.
  5. Now close the Component Service and restart your device.

Solution Number 4 – Create a new Microsoft Account

If the above solutions don’t work for you, you can do one thing and that is creating a new Microsoft account on Windows 10 for fix “Class not registered” error. For making new account on Microsoft office follow the below steps:

  1. First go to the setting select the accounts open then select family & other users.
  2. Click on the Add someone else to this PC button.
  3. Enter your Microsoft account email and click on the Next Button.
  4. Logout your previous account and switch to a new one.

Solution Number 5 – Check your hard drive

In some cases, this error can occur due to faulty hard drive, so if you are having this issue, first make sure that hard drive of your device is working. Because, there are few users who say that when they change their hard drive, then the issue is fix.

How to Fix explorer.exe Class Not Registered Windows 10 error

Solution – Restart explorer .exe

If you have a problem with Edge, Cortana or start menu, it is an advised for you that you can try to restart explorer.exe. Follow the below steps for restart explorer.exe

  1. First, Start Task Manager and go to Details tab.
  2. Find explorer. Exe in it and when you find it, right click on it.
  3. Choose the option of End Task.
  4. Now open Task Manager and go to the file then select the option Run new task.
  5. Create new task window in it and it will appear. Write explorer and press on the Enter button and Click OK.
  6. Explorer will start again, and every single thing will start working.

How to fix “class not registered” error with .jpg files on Windows 10

Solution Number 1- Change default image viewer to Windows Photo Viewer

When you try to view .jpg files, then this error can appear and if this happens, you have to set your default image viewer to Windows Photo Viewer. For doing that, follow the below points:

  1. Download and run the .reg file that helps you to change your registry and enable the option of Windows Photo Viewer on your device.
  2. Select any photo on your computer and right click on it.
  3. Then menu comes, then in menu you have choose the option Open with> Choose another app.
  4. Select the option of Windows Photo Viewer from the list. If you want to only use this app, and then make sure that you select Always use this app to open .jpg files.
  5. At last click on OK, for confirmation.

Solution Number 2- Reset default apps

From the point of view of users, “class not registered” error appear when they try to open a .jpg file on their device, and this problem can be fix when they do resetting default apps. For doing that, you have follow the mentioning steps:

  1. Open settings> system> Default apps.
  2. Scroll down till the time you see Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults.
  3. At last, click on the Reset button.


So, Our Lovable Users, after reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of how you can fix the problem on your computer. This can cause all type of error on your computer, but we hope that our solutions have fixed this problem for you.

Thank you for staying with us till here. We are trying our best to provide you all the solutions about How to fix Class not registered error.

We hope that this content will be helpful for you because we try to give you all the information as much as we can.

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