6 Best GIF Making Software for Windows 10 [Free & Paid] 2019


GIF making software for Windows 10 for GIF creator. The Graphics Interchange Format that is aka GIF is one of the most useful, interesting and exciting ways that use to share animated pictures. The popularity of the GIF can lead to the number of GIF software that supports the windows.

Like emojis, a user finds a cute dog, crazy girl, comedy memes and many more as a GIF. Notwithstanding supporting the GIF file format from the Windows XP, other versions of the Windows OS don’t support GIF files on the default picture viewer. That’s why we have to set to open all GIF pictures and animation in the web browser. And it is not the practical way if you want to see many GIFs on a regular basis

So what the second way to enjoy GIFS is? Do not worry as we are here to help you. In this article, we will discuss best gif viewer windows 10. This list of gif editor software will help you and save your time. So let’s take a look at gif viewer windows 7.

Best GIF Making Software

Best GIF Making Software Windows 10 [Free & Paid]

Here we are going to discuss about GIF Making Software for Windows 10 in deep. You can download GIF Making software from here:

FileViewer Plushttps://fileviewerplus.com/dl?a=wreport
FastStone Image Viewerhttp://faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm
Irfan Viewerhttp://www.irfanview.com/
GIF Viewerhttps://www.microsoft.com/en-in/store/p/gif-viewer/9wzdncrdxxx2

1. FileViewer Plus – GIF Viewer Software

FileViewer Plus - gif viewer software

You can call File Viewer Plus a universal file viewer as it supports more than 300 different file formats and GIF- Graphical Interchange Format is one of them. It not only supports the GIF format but you can convert it to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG2000 and save them, too.

With this much file format support, you may think that this gif viewer is hard to understand, but you are entirely wrong as it has a user-friendly interface that let you open files easily and quickly. You can view metadata and properties of file or edit images. There are many other features, and one of them is you can use it for free for 14 days, and you can download it and can try the fully functional trial. So if you find useful, then only buy it otherwise you don’t have to bother to pay. In short, it is a good GIF creator with more than 300 file formats, and you can install it on to a computer.

2. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer - GIF Making Software

The GUI of this app is pretty advanced, and it also offers a complete set of advanced features. The left side of the page contains directory tree of files, and from here you can open the folder, and it’s here you can open the desired folder.

The good part of this viewer is you can view images as a thumbnail, so you get a preview of a file without opening it. As per user, the editing options are not so impressive, but you can still switch between different images and do zoom in and zoom out.

3. InViewer

InViewer - Gif Viewer Software

If you are looking for the simple GIF viewer software than the InViewer is made for you. The best part is that with the simple user interface it offers classic features, too. This software supports GIF animations, other image formats like JPG, JPEG, audio and video formats including MP4, AVI, and MPG.

The Video player offers the typical set of controls with basic zoom and video playback control options. If you watch the large GIF files, then also the app doesn’t hang or gobble up the computing resources, thanks to developers.

4. Irfan Viewer

Irfan Viewer - GIF Making Software

From some time the Irfan Viewer become popular among the users. In general, it is not very attractive, but for GIF it is one of the best apps. Additionally, Irfan Viewer achieved enough to handle nearly all type the image file formats that human knows.

It gives you control of zoom in, zoom out and image setting. Doesn’t offer the option of rotating, resizing, color correction tools to users. However, it reserves the space in this list as it provides other features that attract user like extract frames from GIFs.

5. GIF Viewer

GIF Viewer

You will get this gif viewer in the windows store, and by far it is the best GIF Viewer and available in two different version that is both free and paid or pro.

One can view a list of files as a movie with watching GIF. The pro version offers some advanced features like play and pause, resizing, one step forward or one step backward.

The only negative point of this app is it is pretty slow at times, but again GIF is not something that happens that quickly.

6. JPEGView

JPEGView GIF View Software

JPEGView is the last one GIF viewer software of our list. It mainly focusses on the simple basics of GIF. You can enjoy this app without installation in different formats like PNG, TIFF, BMP, and others with GIF.

However the viewer lacks any extra features .so you can only open and view the GIF files. However, the developers of the app ensured that they bake in the rot ate function at least.


It is all about GIF player. We end our article here. We hope you will find the one you look for and enjoy lots of animation regarding GIF on your windows PC. In case you have a better option then you can also recommend us using the comment section given below. Thank you!

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