iMessage On PC : How to Get iMessage for Windows to Access Online [ 4 Working Ways]


iMessage on PC is an messaging app which allow iPhone user to sent iMessage without any charge and here we are sharing guide about how to download iMessage for Windows 10 PC.

Before some years we all are using traditional messaging apps to do chat but they are charging very high for this service. But now the time has changed. We have iMessage for Windows which is best messaging app by helps us to send a message to other with some exiting features. You can also use iMessage online if you have any iOS device. We are going to share way to access iMessage Online.

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imessage for pc

iMessage on PC : How to Get iMessage for Windows to Access Online

Apple’s iMessage is a messaging service offered by Apple. Apple iMessage for pc provides a wide range of features for users. But the problem is many people don’t have any idea about how to install iMessage on Windows.

Otherwise, people can get communication comfortably using it. People search for it, but they did not find a proper way to download on pc, and therefore we are here.

First of all, iMessage support any version of Windows like Windows 10, 7, eight, etc. though it is not legally available for pc, you can get it on our pc by the different method described by us.

Here you will find how to download iMessage on Windows 10 PC, how to send iMessage from PC with the help of iMessage on a desktop and its key features.

Check out the full article to get step by step guide to access iMessage on PC. Shall we start?

Features of iMessage For PC

  • It is one of the Easy and the firmest iOS platform app to connect with each other.
  • There are no limits to send messages to this app. So you can send unlimited messages
  • It is free of cost to use. You don’t need to pay a single penny or any hidden charges to use this app.
  • It can be easily segregate from SMS as iMessage texts appear blue.
  • You can send amazing images, video, Documents, Files with your friends and family.
  • You can get an idea of the person with whom you are chatting, is typing or not.

How to Download and Install iMessage for windows 10?

There are three ways to download and install iMessage windows 10; we will go to each method step by step:

Method #1: iMessage for Windows 10 Using Chrome Remote Desktop

imessage for pc using chrome remote desktop
For this method, you need mac computer. With this mac pc you want to install iMessage on pc then this is the best method for you.

Before following this method, note that your mac and windows pc is connected to the internet for remote access. For a better experience try to connect them on Wi-Fi.

Here are the steps to how to access iMessage for Windows using Chrome Remote Desktop

Step #1: First, Download Google Chrome browser from the following link on both computers.

Step #2: Now, install Chrome Remote Desktop extension on both computers from the following link:

Step #3: Once this extension is installed on both pc then, click on ‘Launch App’ button given in the top right corner.

Step #4: Now, install an additional programme on the Mac computer named ‘Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.’

Step #5: Locate the Host Installer file on your Mac PC’s hard drive and run it to install it.

Step #6: Follow the instructions to install this application. During installation, you may be required password of your Mac computer.

Step #7: Next, launch Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac computer. You can watch a 12 digit code on the screen.

Note down the code as you have to enter it on the chrome on pc for access your mac pc remotely. Do not share this password with anyone because the person who has this password can access your mac.

Step #8: Next, launch Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows PC and enter the 12-digit code which you get earlier. Now you have remote access to the Mac computer.

Step #9: Now, go to the app drawer and access iMessage on windows pc.

This method is a little bit hectic method, and for this method you required Mac but what if you do not have Mac or iOS?

Don’t worry there is another method available to install iMessage on pc, which we will discuss next.

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Method #2: Download iMessage on PC use IPADIAN Emulator

imessage for pc using ipadian emulator

iPadian is an iOS emulator for Windows. It allows you access your iOS system from our computer.

There are many iOS emulators available on the web, but iPadian is trusted and found reliable for now. Hence we highly recommended it to use.

It is easy to use, more stable compared to others and smaller in size.

Here is the step how you can use iMessage using iPadian:

Step #1: Visit the link given below and download the iPadian installer

Step #2: Now locate and run the .exe file to install iPadian.

Step #3: Once it is installed next, run the iPadian iOS emulator on your PC

Step #4: If you have apple id and password then sign in with that. If you don’t have an id- password, then don’t worry you can create new and signup.

Step #5: Next, you have to access the iOS network from Windows. You will find iPadian interface looks almost similar to an iPad.

Step #6: Now, look up for iMessage in the apps and launch it.

That’s all. You have done with the process. Now run iMessage on your windows pc. Whenever you want to use iMessage, just run iPadian.

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Method #3: Download iMessage for pc with Bluestacks Emulator

imessage for pc using bluestack android emulator

Using iMessage on apple, you can chat with everyone but what if you want to use it on your windows pc?

Then yes, it is possible. With this method, you are few steps away to use iMessase on windows 10.

Bluestacks is an android emulator for pc which allows you to run iMessage on pc.

Here are the steps To Get apple iMessage for pc:

Step #1: First of all download Bluestacks Android emulator.

Step #2: Follow the on-screen instruction to install Bluestaks.

Step #3: Now, search for iMessage in the search box.

Step #4: Next, Download the iMessage App setup and install it.

You did it. Whenever you want to message your friends, open the Bluestacks on your pc and launch iMessage and chat non-stop with your loved one.

Method #4: Download iMessage on Windows Using Cydia

If above all method doesn’t for you then this is another good method for iMessage on Windows. With this method, you need to jailbreak your iOS device. You just need to follow the simple steps which are mention below and you can enjoy iMessage on your Windows device.

imessage Using Cydia

Step #1: First you need to download Cydia software on your Windows PC.

Step #2: Now open the Cydia app and start searching Remote messages and wait for installation process completed.

Step #3: Now go to app setting and click on remote messages.

Step #4: Windows require authentication in order to use iMessage. Just give access by enabling it.

Step #5: You need to setup your username and password. Connect your iOS device and PC both on same Wi-Fi.

step #6: Open your browser on your Windows PC and enter IP address under the enable tab and enter colon. When enter, you will get window prompt with password and user details.

Step #7: fill the complete detail to complete the setup.

You have done successfully remote connection on your device to get iMessage for Windows 10.


iMessage online is a lovely app. It required only a data connection, no SMS charges and hence it saves your money. Now you know that it can use on your pc, too.

Online iMessage for Windows PC is really good for that user who is a big fan of iOS apps and games but they can’t afford iOS device. With this Apple iMessage for Windows tutorial can help them to run iOS apps on Windows PC and allow them to use their favorite app and game on PC.

This a really good thing for the non iOS device user to use iMessage on Windows PC using this method. One more good news is that now an Android user also can use iMessage on their Android device by using “weMessage App” which is developed by Eric Chee. You can get more detail here.

Hope you like and enjoy this article as well as iMessage app. Please comment your doubt, queries, and suggestions. Thank you for your support!


  1. iMessage for PC is such a good news for non iOS device user. You did a wonderful job by explaining how user can get iMessage on Windows PC. Its working for me. Waiting for my good articles.


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