iOS Emulator for PC – 15 Best iPhone Emulator for Windows PC [2019]


Are you finding an iOS emulator for PC to run the iOS app on windows? If yes, then don’t worry today we have come with the same topic for you.

We will start with the Introduction of iPhone Emulator for Windows and its features. If you but don’t have an iPhone or iPod and using windows pc then also you can run all the iOS apps or games on our pc. If you are the one who is iOS app lover and wish to know about best iOS emulators for Windows, then you are at right place. Don’t miss to check Tubemate for PC.

iOS Emulator for PC
iOS Emulator for PC

Best iOS Emulator for PC – iPhone Emulator for Windows

In this article, we will share some working and best iPhone emulator for PC Windows that comes free of cost and support every version of Windows.

What is iOS Emulator for PC?

An iOS emulator is an electronic program that permits one computer system, known as the host to act like another Operating System, called the guest by allowing the host system to run the software or use devices that are initially established to be used by that particular OS.

In the easy word, an iOS emulator is nothing but software, which allows running the iOS app or game on Windows computer. It is created mainly for this purpose.

Benefits Of iOS Emulator (iPhone emulator Windows):

There are various benefits of using iOS emulators, and some of the advantages of iOS simulators windows are as below:

  • iOS emulators can use during the development process of testing the various apps.
  • They can be quickly run on multiple devices.
  • Emulators obviously aid the users to experience as everyone could not afford due to its high costs.
  • Emulators can help the doubtful customers to use any app without an iOS device and come to a conclusion whether they would like to buy it or not.

There are lots of iPhone emulators available in the market but between all of these which one is the best? To help in deciding this, we are discussing the best 10 iPhone emulators as a next topic so keep reading guys.

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Best iPhone emulator for Windows

#1. Smartface Emulator

smartface emulator
Smartface iOS Emulator
  • Smartface is the most popular iOS emulators that support all of the essential functions for Windows OS seamlessly.
  • It let the user develop universal apps entirely for free, and it is straightforward to use this program. What you need is just install the app on the host device via the app store and then unite it to the windows system.
  • Note that for using this emulator, Windows device should have installed the iTunes installed so that the two systems can sync with each other.
  • Once the iOS system is emulated onto the Windows device using a Smartface emulator, the developers can then develop applications through it.
  • It has a debugging function for real-time code changes and breakpoints etc. It will help the app developer to operate and make new apps quickly. As we are discussing on iOS emulators but it can be used with Android OS, too.


#2. MobiOne Studio Emulator

MobiOne Studio Emulator
MobiOne Studio Emulator
  • MobiOne is one of the most versatile and easy to use the software. MobiOne is downloaded by more than half a million users, and it was launch in 2009.
  • It allows emulating various iOS apps with ease as to a user. Even you can develop many iOS applications using it.
  • As it is an iOS emulator used for Windows OS, you can use it to app establishing with custom icons, share app and web app links through email, get status notifications on the desktop, organize your app to run on iPhone and iPad, and download the app installation of a file on the system.


#3. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator
Air iPhone Emulator
  • Air iPhone Emulator is one of the known iOS Emulator available for the window. It is freely available, and it is well-suited with all Windows PC, android mac, and iPhone.
  • It mainly used to create tremendously realistic emulation effects. This program run with the support of the Adobe Air framework that recreates graphics user interface of particular iOS on the Windows computers.
  • Though most of the app and its features are available on this emulator but come of the app like Safari Web are not available on it. But this program has a great impact on the developers due to its UI.


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#4. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator
iPhone Simulator
  • It worked on the flash and considered as the best out of all iOS emulators for window PC. It provides you best iPhone interface without buying an actual iPhone.
  • Although it does not allow to use some of the essential apps yet its interface is such that you can try out many default applications like as notepad, clock, calculator presented in iPhone.
  • It is not very useful for app developers but still handy for those who love iOS interface or Want to try before buying any iOS device.


#5. iPadian – iPhone Emulator

iPadian Emulator
iPadian Emulator
  • iPadian is one the famous and mostly suggests software. It supports all the running windows system and looks like an iPad screen. You can call it emulator as well as a stimulator.
  • You can easily find, download and install it. iPadian is adobe air based platform and can’t run without installing it. The good thing about it which I like the most is, it comes with its app store which has a set of apps that can run on windows and give the user a feeling of iOS apps. But its touchscreen swipe function cannot be correctly emulated.
  • iPadian is known for vibrant displays, attractive GUI, app compatibility, and the wide selection to download apps from the store.


#6. Xamarin Testflight Emulator

Xamarin Testflight Emulator
Xamarin Testflight Emulator
  • Xamarin Testflight is known to be another best and useful apple emulator for PC regarding UI, development support for running iOS apps.
  • What you have to do is, download and install it on your windows pc. Every type of apps will operate using Xamarin Testflight.
  • It is paid software. It charged $25 per month, but I have suggested to use it once because this charge is worth it.


#7. Appetize.Io Emulator

Appetize.Io Emulator
Appetize.Io Emulator
  • Appetize.Io is another know best iOS Emulator for Windows. You can call it free as well as paid emulator because of it free for first 100 minutes per month, and after that, you will charge $0.05 per minute.
  • It is a cloud-based emulator and recommended for testing apps for a developer. This iOS emulator has many unique features for users. Note that you can’t install it as it is a demo based emulator.
  • To use it, you have to upload the file in a .ipa format in the upload and enter your email address. In a short time, you will get a link in your mail inbox. Select and open that link to test your .ipa file in the Emulator.


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Best iPhone Emulator for Windows 10

#8. iPad Emulator

iPad Emulator
iPad Emulator
  • iPad emulator for pc is iOS Emulator and based on Cloud operating system and Google Chrome extension.
  • This emulator offers many remarkable features that serve you an experience of Siri without paying for iPad.
  • Users can create their apps in few seconds and run as well as a link to web services using just one click.
  • Its main features include: Siri without an iPad, launch unlimited pages of apps, access everything on the cloud without iPad app.

#9. Emulator Emulator Emulator
  • is useful iPhone emulator for PC to run iOS apps on a windows pc. It has a user friendly interface that presents it simple to use and run different apps.
  • Using, it is effortless to sync your iOS apps and after you can merely run apps to any of your cloud storage device from mac, windows, tablet to Android, too.


#10. Nintendo 3ds Emulator

Nintendo 3ds Emulator
Nintendo 3ds Emulator
    • It is famous for iOS games on windows pc as Nintendo 3DS iOS Emulator is the excellent gaming console. It developed by Nintendo and released in 2010.
    • It is famous very quickly all over the world. Nintendo 3DS facilitate all users to play iOS games which have excellent resolution and its excellent 3D graphic to play in windows system. It runs 3D effect games without any 3D systems or accessories. Here is download guide for Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC.

Download 3DS Emulator

#11. iPad Simulator

ipad simulator
iPad Simulator is an extension for Google Chrome browser. This simulator perform like iOS OS and simulator too.By using iPad simulator you can get apple features like Siri free of cost.

This simulator is a virtual clone of iPad which you can use as iPhone emulator for Windows. If you are searching for cloud iOS emulator for PC then iPad simulator is a perfect choice for you. You can easily drag and drop iOS application on PC but the bad news is that iPad simulator currently not available in Chrome extension but we will update here as it available again.

UPDATE : This emulator is moved chrome browser now.

#12. AirPhone Emulator

AirPhone emulator is one of the best iPhone emulator for Windows PC. In order to use AirPhone Emulator on your Windows PC, you need to download and install Adobe Air first to run AirPhone appli without error. This emulator is simlar to GUI and its work similar on iPhone and you can access all iOS apps and games on Windows PC. With this emulator, you can’t feel the iOS touch on your Windows computer. So you are new to emulator then try this first.


#13. Happy Chick Emulator

Happy Chick Emulator is also a good iPhone emulator which helps users to access iOS apps and games on Windows PC. This emulator is free to use. Many of our readers have recommended this emulator and that’s the reason we add on our list. If you are iOS game or app developer then this emulator will surely help.

happy chick emulator


#14. Ripple

Ripple is another best iOS emulator which growing faster. Ripple many use for application testing and also develop new application by iOS developer. Ripple is such good chrome based emulator available on chrome store. This emulator is cloud-based iPhone emulator which supports all the iOS application. Ripple can run iOS 1 to iOS 11 apps on any Windows PC. This is such alternative to iPad Emulator.

Ripple Emulator


#15. iMame Emulator

iMame Emulator best iphone emulator for windows

iMame Emulator is also a good iPhone emulator for Windows which mainly design and developed for gamers. iMame Emulator helps gamers to play iOS games on your Windows PC without any problem. iMame Emulator is not fully developed for Windows user but you if you can easily run iOS apps on Android device. iMame enables users to play iOS apps and games for iPhone and also for iPad. iMame emulate some of the apps and you can use iOS 10/iOS 9 apps by using iMame Emulator.


Final Word

So here are some of the best iOS and iPhone emulator for Windows 10. You can download from the link given below every emulator and enjoy to iOS game and apps on PC.

People are talking about best iOS emulators, and we have given you an idea about best iOS emulators for windows pc. All the listed are the best in this category. So you can try any of above and lets us know which iPhone emulator is easy to use and you like most. It will help our reader to get the right idea. We have also list Android emulator for PC which you should if you are an Android user.

We hope you like this article, please share your review and doubt via commenting on a comment box. Thank you!

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