MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error in Windows 10 [How to Fix?]


Today we are going to cover one more windows 10 related issues which come in front of Windows 10 users very frequently and that is MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error in Windows 10. It comes with Blue Screen of Death and must say it is a very annoying problem to face on the latest Windows version from Microsoft.

In this post, we are going to share with you some solutions, tricks, methods whatever you want to call them to fix memory management error windows 10.

memory management error windows 10
memory management error windows 10

How to Fix MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error in Windows 10?

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error message is a message that appears with BSOD functionality. Since the very long time, the most common and simplest solution for this error is to simply restart your computer and your PC will start like before.

After you restarted your computer you shouldn’t get this error message again, so before start trying our below methods simply try to restart your computer and check whether your issue is fixed or windows 10 memory management error still appears, after you restarted your computer, there are some more advanced ways which you can try to fix windows 10 error memory management.

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Solution 1: Run SFC Scanner

SFC/SCANNOW is Microsoft tool for fixing various system issues, and even if you are thinking that this will didn’t solve the issue then mind you lot of users who got this error message, even they restart the pc multiple times.

And in the end, all of them need to use SFC/SCANNOW command to resolve the issue. Here’s exactly what you need to follow to run this command on your Windows 10 PC.

Below we have mentioned step by step process to follow:

  1. Right Click on Start Menu button and go to Command Prompt as Admin.
  2. Enter “SFC/scannow” in command prompt and press Enter.
  3. Wait for the process to be finished (It may take a while) and then check whether the issue is fixed or not.

If this solution isn’t working for you then don’t need to worry about because we have one more solution for you and that run windows memory diagnostic tool which can easily fix the windows 10 memory management and we hope you don’t need to do anything else after this solution because this solution is tested by plenty of users of Windows 10 Helps users and they assured us and then we have tested this in infected PC and YES it works for us too. So we highly recommend you to use this solution after the above solution denied to solve your issue. So let’s begin the second solution to fix memory management error windows 10.

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Solution 2: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

If the SFC command didn’t work for you, and you still getting this error message then it might be possible that your RAM memory has some issue in it. If your RAM memory is corrupted then the best solution for it to replace it with a new one if you love your PC.

But before remove your RAM memory, we suggest you make sure it isn’t broken and for this we recommend you to run a Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and if it shows you that your RAM memory has the main problem then only you can change it otherwise don’t need to change its fine.

So how to run a Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool? Follow below steps to do this:

  1. Go to search and Type Windows Diagnostic Tool and open Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.
  2. Select Restart now and check for issues.
  3. Let your computer restart by itself, and on the next step, the tool will report if something wrong with your RAM memory.

So, guys, we hope these solutions will resolve your memory_management issue in Windows 10 and you are good to go with your Windows PC and now you can enjoy using your computers.

Well if you still facing this issue with your RAM or you simply want to avoid them for upcoming days, we recommend you to download this software for Windows and it is absolutely safe and tested by our experts and it will surely fix PC problems.

If something big issue with your RAM memory then you know what to do. But did it after applying above solutions at least 5-6 times.

Final Verdict:

We hope you find this post useful on “MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Error in Windows 10” and now you know what to do when you are getting this error message on your PC. If you find it helpful then do give it a share and if you still have some questions in the mind then post your questions in the comment section below.

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