3Ds Emulator for PC – 10 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Windows 2019


The Nintendo 3ds emulator for PC is the software that duplicates the graphical system and added the process of a console so that you can play Nintendo 3Ds games on your Windows PC. It was published on 26th February 2011 and nearly within less than half a year, Nintendo announced a drop. Nintendo began investigating and keep growing. In 2010 it declared its authorized 3Ds managed Nintendo console, although Nintendo wasn’t going to succeed, later.

If you are also one of those people who think that gameplay is more mattering than graphics, then you will most presumably be a fan of Nintendo 3DS. What if I said you could run all those old masterpieces games on your device. Yes, it is possible with a best 3ds emulator which enable Nintendo DS games to run on pc.

As Nintendo 3ds emulator need fewer resources, not very large and they consume minimal resources. So here we have Listed Best Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc. So let’s get started.

3ds emulator for pc

Best 3DS Emulator for PC 2019

#1. Citra 3Ds Emulator

Citra 3Ds Emulator
Citra is one of the famous 3ds emulators and having a user-friendly interface that enables you to access Nintendo 3DS games on your Windows PC. It is an open source emulator which is very much compatible with all platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. This 3DS emulator is currently the most reliable for a computer. It is the only emulator in the list that now worked. There are some stability problems, but it fixed with the regular work of developers. Although you will not be able to get all the features of Nintendo 3DS on it, still it offers maximum features.


#2. iDeaS

iDeaS fall under the list of the best Nintendo Emulator for windows pc with OpenGL. It Includes Pokémon Diamond, the famous games Super Mario 64 DS, Pearl and other commercial games. You can download it for free from coolrom.com.


#3. My Boy! Free 3ds emulator pc

my boy emulator for pc

My Boy! is one the best emulators available on the Google Play Store. It declares as it is the only emulator that supports link cable emulation, PC as well as Android versions as low as Android 2.0 and runs smoothly without lagging or crashing. It operates most of the Nintendo DS games without any errors. The most prominent feature is its capability to enhance the game speed by as much as 16 times. It also offers pro version. With it, you can unlock more features, remove ads and sync your game data with Google Drive and play the game on different devices. It let users map their keys and also supports external controllers such as MOGA.


#4. 3DMOO

3DMOO nintendo 3ds emulator

It is also open source emulator for 3DS games, it was developed by the experience DS developer team after the Citra launched, but the development of 3DMOO aborted after some time. At present, it is not available to download officially, but its files and source code are available on Github. It compatible and supported on Windows and Linux but there are lts of complaints that it frequently crashes.


#5. NDS Boy!

NDS Boy! is built for mid-range phones with at least 2GB of RAM and quad-core CPU. It allows users to move buttons on the screen and resize the screen. It supports landscape and portrait modes. It saves and loads game states from the emulator itself. The best feature is that it has the advantage to autosave the game every specified amount of time. It means that even if your game crashes, the game will load from a more recent save, you won’t have to play all over again.


#6. No$GBA

NoGBA nintendo 3ds emulator for pc
No$GBA Nintendo emulator provides you free as well as pro version, but with the pro version, you can unlock some additional features. They provide pro version at an affordable amount. It is Game Boy Advanced and DS/DS Lite Nintendo emulator available for Windows XP and Windows Vista.


#7. NeonDS

NeonDS 3ds emulator for pc
This Nintendo Emulator is quite a compatible and good emulator that runs on any of the programs of Windows and works well on some commercial games. To get it free go to thesoftonic.com.


#8. DeSmuME

DeSmuME 3ds emulator for windows

DeSmuME is the first Nintendo Emulator for Windows PC that is free to run some commercial games. The user Orphic of DesmuME has implemented a build service that is automatic for creating nightly builds.



TronDS 3DS emulator not very much of popular in gaming lover still this emulator is feet for our best 3ds emulator list. Because of its less popular, very few people know about this Nintendo 3ds emulator. This emulator not used to play games. This is a really simple program just like Homebrew and developer not updated it since a long time.


These are some best Nintendo 3Ds emulator for PC which you can use to play Nintendo games on your Windows PC. Some are very popular in Game lover and had a great experience with it. There is also some 3DS emulator Android available same as 3Ds emulator for Windows. Which your favorite 3Ds emulator?


It is all about 10 best working Nintendo 3DS Emulator for pc. We hope you like this article and if it so then likes it and share it. Thank you for reading!

New Update: Nintendo Switch Console is getting popular due to constant release of Nintendo Switch Games

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