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If your Nvidia control panel missing from the Start context menu or not showing in the system tray, and you find that how to open Nvidia control panel then my friends do not worry as you are not alone; many users have the same problem related to the Nvidia control panel.

Nvidia control panel not showing error caused due to an outdated or faulty graphics driver or due to missing registry subkeys and values, etc. but it is not the thing to be worry because we are here to assist you in solving this error. Here are few practical ways to fix Nvidia control panel missing windows 10 problem.

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Nvidia control panel missing

What Is NVIDIA Control Panel?

Nvidia control panel windows 10 is a hardware control application which is developed by Nvidia. A Control Panel will itself come with the driver when an Nvidia video card driver installed on a computer. It provides Nvidia video card users with an interface to change the driver settings and modify the configuration of their Nvidia hardware.

What Is The Reason For The NVIDIA Control Panel Missing?

Many Nvidia graphics users reported that they couldn’t find the Nvidia Control Panel on their Windows pc and they also look for Nvidia control panel missing options because they find their Nvidia Control Panel on the desktop context menu. But all of sudden it disable from it. The main reason behind Nvidia control panel download windows 10 is not able to find the upgrade of windows system form windows 7, 8, 8.1 to 10.

This error is annoying and frustrating because you can’t adjust your Nvidia graphics preferences without the Control Panel. So here are some fixes that can help you fix this error. So look at each of them and try to fix the issue.

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How To Open NVIDIA Control Panel Windows 10: Can’t Find NVIDIA Control Panel

Fix 1: Unhide Your NVIDIA Control Panel

Due to windows upgrade, your Nvidia Control Panel may hide from a previous version, or accidentally the software has changed the graphics settings. To open the Nvidia Control Panel in Windows Control Panel and set them to show on your desktop context menu, follow the step given below:

Step 1: Form the keyboard press the Windows logo key and R key together to open run command windows.

Step 2: In the search bar type CONTROL and press enter or OK. It will open Windows Control Panel.

control command

Step 3: Now first change View by>>Large icons from the upper right corner.

view by Large icons

Step 4: Choose the Nvidia Control Panel from the icon list.

NVIDIA Control Panel

Step 5: Go to the Nvidia Control Panel, click on View or Desktop>>Add Desktop Context Menu.

Add Desktop Context Menu

Step 6: Now, right-click on the desktop and check Nvidia control panel reappears in the desktop context menu or not.

Fix 2: Update Your Graphics Driver

If the above fix will not work for you or you can’t see NVIDIA Control Panel even in Windows Control Panel, then it’s time to update your graphics driver using driver updater. In most cases, due to wrong graphics driver or out of date graphics driver the Nvidia Control Panel disappears. So first verify that your graphics adapter has the correct driver or not. If not then update it.

You can update it manually or automatically. For manual update follow the steps given below:

Step 1: From the start menu choose Device Manager and click on it to open.

Step 2: Next, expand the categories and find the name of your device, then right-click on it, and pick the option of Update Driver.

Step 3: For graphics cards, go to Display adapters>>right-click your graphics card>>Update Driver.

Step 4: Choose the option “Search automatically for updated driver software.” In case the Windows doesn’t find a new driver, then go to the manufacturer’s website and download the suitable driver.

In case you are not comfortable with the manual process due to time or lack of knowledge about it then automatic driver update software like DriverEasy will help you in this. For that follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First, download and Install Driver Easy from its official website.

Step 2: Run it and click on the Scan Now button.

Step 3: It will automatically scan your pc and find all the faulty drivers from your pc.

Step 4: Click on the update tab flag next to your NVIDIA graphics card option. And it will update the driver.

Step 5: After the process completes, restart your pc and check problem solved or not.

Fix 3: Reinstall Your Graphics Driver

If updating driver also doesn’t help you, then uninstall and reinstall the drivers completely. With this process, your pc can get rid of corrupted driver files.

To Uninstall Nvidia drivers from your Windows 10 PC, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: From your keyboard press, Windows key and R key together to open the Run command dialog box.

Step 2: In the search bar type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter. It will open the Device Manager.

Step 3: Expand the option of Display Adapters>>r right-click on the Nvidia driver>>Uninstall.

Step 4: Once the uninstallation finishes, restart the system.

Step 5: Go to the Nvidia’s website and find the right driver, manually download and install it.

Fix 4: Modify Registry Subkeys And Values

Some users find that the missing registry subkeys and values can also cause the Nvidia Control Panel missing issue from the context menu. You could use a .reg file to modify it by the following steps given below:

Step 1: Open notepad and create a blank document and paste the following into that file and save it on the desktop with the .reg extension:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTray\0_nvupdt.dll]

“FullPath”=”C:\\Program Files\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Update Core\\NvGFTrayPlugin.dll”

Step 2: Double-click on the .reg file and pick yes option if prompted to run the file. After that, all the required keys and values will be added.

Step 3: Restart your PC.

Fix 5: Turn Off GPU Virtualization

If your motherboard equipped with the onboard GPU, then there is a chance of the Nvidia Control Panel missing or disappeared problem. Follow the steps given below, to solve it:

Step 1: First, open VirtuMVP control panel.

Note: The VirtuMVP icon is next to your clock in the system tray.

Step 2: In the main tab, find the GPU Virtualization option and set to off to fix this issue.


It is all about fixes of Nvidia Control Panel Missing, and after reading this article, you very well know that how to access the Nvidia control panel. Even after trying all of the above solutions, it will not help you; you can leave the comment in the comment section below so that your professional can help you. Leave your comment also. Thank you!

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