Service Host Local System High Disk Usage – How to Fix


If you find that service host local system is taking much of your CPU, Disk or Memory usage from the task manager then it time to recover the space. Do not worry you are not alone who face this error of service host local system high disk usage (svchost.exe). Most of the Windows users have the same problem like you and hence to solve it we are here to help you. One can fix this error by several ways, so we bring with best and most effective fixes for service. So let’s move to the main point.

Service Host Local System High Disk Usage

How to Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Usage?

Solution 1: Stop the SuperFetch

SuperFetch make sure that all the programmes load efficiently, and it also decreases the boot time. However, sometimes it is the root of the service host local system high CPU usage error. Even it is also the cause of a problem in disk performance. In Windows 10 and Windows 8. So it is better to stop this service, and we can stop it from 2 methods, which is given below.

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Method 1: Disable SuperFetch with “Run” Command

Step 1: Press Windows key and R key together from your keyboard to open the run command Window.

enter cmd

Step 2: Type services.msc and hit enter.

permanently disable windows search

Step 3: Scroll down and find the service Superfetch.

Step 4: Right click on it and select the stop option.

Step 5: Again right click on it and select properties and inside it go to the startup mode and select disable.

Step 6: Click on apply and then ok to save changes.

Step 7: Restart your pc.

Method 2: Disable Superfetch with Command Prompt

Step 1: Click on the Search bar or Cortana and type cmd.

enter cmd

Step 2: Now select command prompt and right click on it.

Step 3: In the list select run as an administrative option and click on yes. A black window will appear.

windows command processor

Step 4: Type net.exe stop SuperFetch and press enter.

disable superfetch service

Step 5: Now type chkdsk.exe /f /r and press the Enter.

Step 6: Press Y to confirm the disk check command.

disk check in command prompt

Step 7: Wait for a minute and check the problem solved or not.

Solution 2: Windows Troubleshooting

Windows Update is the also the reason behind the service host local system high CPU usage. To find it you can run the troubleshooter by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Form the search bar, type control panel and click on it to open.

Step 2: Change the View by Category, click on System and Security.

view by category

Step 3: Inside it click on Security and Maintenance>>Troubleshooting.

Security and Maintenance

Security and Maintenance troubleshooting

Step 4: Now, click on Fix problems with Windows Update and then on Next.

Fix problems with Windows Update

Step 5: At this time click on Try troubleshooting as an administrator and will start scanning your pc for a problem and also fix it automatically.

Solution 3: Clear Up Junk Files

Those who are frequently facing this error can try to clean up junk files from their system. And to do it, we will use the tool EaseUS free partition tool.

Step 1: Download the EaseUS from the official website and then install and run it.

Step 2: Open it and click on Cleanup and Optimization >>Select Junk File Cleanup >> Analyze. It will scan and find all junk files from your computer.

Step 3:

  • Now select the junk files you want to clean up.
  • Now go to the task manager and find Service Host: Local System comes to normal or not.


It is all about service host local system 100 disk fixes. We hope any of above method will work for you. In case you need some help related to service host local system high disk then you can ask us using the comment section. Even if any of above method won’t work for you then also ask our experts. They will love to help you. Thank you for reading!

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