Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps in Windows 10


If you are a Windows 10 user or updated your windows, then you might know that Task manager lets users check and find all the running Apps in the background. Windows automatically starts so many apps without permission of the user. If you open any one app, then windows by default load another list of process in the background automatically. But you can set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps to stop such activities in Windows 10.

You have to windows 10 set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps. Several factors affect windows services. But one can set CPU priority to foreground apps to run Windows Apps smoothly. Sometimes set CPU to prefer foreground apps windows 10 process depends on which chip you are using and time takes to run Windows Apps services. So here we are to help you in how to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps windows 10. So are you ready? Shall we start?

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set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps

How To Set CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground Apps on Windows 10?

Here is the post of the best way to change CPU priority foreground. CPU priority can define as the selection of source belongs to the CPU device with percentages that services are consuming. For every one of it, the priority level adjusted. As the best case, users are decided to choose hypervisor of 3 GHz in CPU priority.

Solution 1: Set CPU To Prefer Foreground Apps

Step 1: In the search bar, type control and click on the control panel from the list.

Step 2: Go to System Properties settings>> System and Security>> Advanced system settings >>open System Properties.

System and Security


Advanced system settings

Step 3: Now click on Change Performance settings.

Step 4: From the new menu click on Advanced>>Settings.

advance performance option

Step 5: Again go to Advanced and choose Programs and inside it click on “Adjust for best performance of Programs.”

Step 6: Click on Apply and then on OK to save settings.

Solution 2: Change DWORD Value In Registry Editor

Step 1: Press Windows key and R key together from your keyboard to open Open Run command window.

Step 2: In the search Window of run command type regedit and hit enter. It will open the registry editor.

Step 3: Go to the following key:


Step 4: Change the value of Win32PrioritySeparation. For that double click on the Win32PrioritySeparation >> value data>> change it from 2 to 26.


value data

Step 5: Save it and reboot your PC.

So, from now if you would like to Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps in Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, And XP, then you have to follow these simple steps. Note that the change in settings we made just a few minutes ago is not the permanent one, so learn to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps windows 7.

There is an alternative approach to modify the priority of a running program is through the Windows Task Manager. You have to choose a priority which you want to set so that you can save them on a permanent basis. Even you can change them depending on your requirement, but the priority is not set permanently. Within this case, real-time or high priority should be OK.

As a result, the Priority Control key will afterward supply the foreground priority differential. With the help of these tools, you can permanently set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps windows 10.

Such a change could influence an inheritance program. If any changes are required, make them and return to testing or instrumenting and repeat. Keep a note in your mind that the settings we just discussed are not a permanent one. Alternatively, you will need to authorize the setting through the Windows Registry.


It is all about how to set CPU to prefer foreground apps. Hopefully, it helpful to you. In case of any doubts or query related to the article, post it in the comment section below. We will surely help you. Thank you for reading!

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