Windows 10 Sound Not Working – How to Fix it


What happens when you want to watch a movie or listen to a song, but you find that sound not working windows 10? We all know the sound is one of the important parts of our pc system. Most of the time we need in each computer-related thing. But in such case when sound is not working, then many possibilities can cause this problem, and as a result, you have delay your work. But we know the value of time, and hence we are here with some fixes for the problem windows 10 sound doesn’t work.

Now without wasting time, go through this article and find different fixes for this problem related to sound. Check which one works for you and get your sound working again so let’s start.

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Windows 10 Sound Not Working

How To Solve Windows 10 Sound Not Working Error?

Fix 1: Use the “Playback Devices” Box

Let’s first check the necessary things. If you frequently change your audio output device between headphones, your standard speakers, and digital audio outputs, there’s a chance you may have unknowingly change the “default” sound output on your PC, and after that, you have check that the which device is set as default. So check it and fix it, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: On your bottom right side of the screen, right click on the speaker icon from the windows taskbar.

Step 2: Check it is not set as a mute.

Step 3: Click on “Playback devices” option and check that your speaker or the device you use as an audio output has a green tick next to them.

Playback devices

Step 4: If there is no green tick, then right click on your preferred audio output and click on “Set as a default device.”

Playback devices set as default

Step 5: In case if the above step does not work for you, then right-click anywhere on the list of devices and click on “Show Disabled Devices” option.

Step 6: Now you will see that your preferred sound output turned up. Right-click on it and click on “Enable,” then pick the option “Set as a default device.”

Fix 2: Update Your Sound Drivers

Most of the due to faulty drivers the error of sound not working on windows 10 occur. To check your drivers are up-to-date or not, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: In your start menu search for device manager and click on the first result from the list.

Device Manager

Step 2: Now, find the option of Audio, inputs, and outputs to check the manufacturer of your sound card.

Step 3: Right click on it and check for these options. All of these options are located under the properties tab:

“Enabled,” “Scan for hardware changes,” “Update driver software,” and “Roll Back Driver.”

Step 4:

  • If you find any problem in any of these drivers, then uninstall then from the device manager, and reboot your pc. So when you restart it, Windows will reinstall it automatically.
  • You can also use the driver update software like Driver Easy; it will scan and automatically update your driver which are corrupted or out of date.

Fix 3: Update/Reinstall Sound Controllers

Even after trying both fixes, if your sound still not working then try this method.

Step 1: Go to the device manager from the search bar.

Step 2: Inside it finds “Sound, video and game controllers” option and looks for “IDT High Definition Audio CODEC.”

Step 3: If you do not find this option, then uninstall all devices inside this menu. All of these automatically reinstall later.)

Step 4: If you see the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC option, then follow the next steps.

Step 5: Right-click on the CODEC option and click on “Update Driver Software.”

Step 6: Next, pick the option “Browse my computer for driver software”>>“Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.”

Step 7: Choose “High Definition Audio Device” under your Model>>Next>>Yes.

Step 8: Exit the screen and restart your pc.

Fix 4: Realtek HD Audio Manager Problems

Realtek sound management tool comes with many pre-packaged pc that uses sound drivers of it. There is a large number of pc manufacturer that uses Realtek, but sometimes it can cause a problem. To solve it open the Realtek Sound Manager by clicking on a black megaphone icon from your system tray and disable the “Front Panel” audio ports option in case you are not using it.


The sound problem is a complicated thing, but we are sure that any of these fixes will surely work for you. In case if you have any trouble when you try these fixes, you can contact us. Even any one of these won’t work for you then also contact us. In both cases, our experts will help you to solve your problems. If you have any alternate solution, then leave it in the comment section below so that it can be helpful to others. Thank you for reading!

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