Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99 % [SOLVED]


Microsoft Windows 10 comes with frequent updates to provide its extraordinary features of Windows OS to its users. But with these updates, user stuck with many errors, and one of the error is Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99%. It is most irritating and frustrating error among all. But how to fix this error? Don’t have any idea? Don’t worry we are here to help you. Yes, in this article we will discuss some solutions to fix Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99 percent install error. But before we move to fixes with step by step guide, let’s first take a look at the some of the reason behind this vexatious error.

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Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99 %

Reasons Behind Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck At 99% Install:

There are many possible reasons behind The Windows 10 update assistant stuck at 99 error, but the major reason behind it as listed as follows:

  1. Some errors with Windows Update
  2. Hardware issue
  3. The pending Windows 7 updates

Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck AT 99% Error- Fixes

These are some important fixes that can help you to solve Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99% error.

Solution 1: Delete Software Distribution Folders Content

As I said Windows update stuck at 99% is the most annoying situation where you wait and wait, but it can’t complete and hence we want to solve this error. One of the fixes is to remove the contents of Software Distribution folder’s subfolder Downloads. To do it, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Press Windows logo key and R key together from the keyboard to open the run command window.

Step 2: In the search bar of the run window, type the following command and press enter: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download


Note that C is the root drive of the system. So select the root drive of your system and replace C with a name of the source drive.

Step 3: As you press enter, a list of the content of Downloads folder open. Now delete all the content of this folder.

delete all the content

Step 4: Reboot your Windows pc and then try to install an update and check problem solved or not.

Solution 2: A Quick Batch File

One can solve this error by making a quick batch file. Follow the steps given below for a quick batch file.

Step 1: Open the Notepad from your windows pc.

Step 2: Copy and paste the following text in the Notepad.

Step 3: Now, save this Notepad file with .bat extension (for example; kpt.bat). Keep it on the desktop so that you can locate it quickly.

Step 4: Now, right-click on file and select Run as Administrator option from the list.

Step 5: Once the process completes, restart your pc and try to update again and check it completes or stuck at 99%.

Solution 3: Temporary Deactivation Of Windows Update

If the above-given method does not work, then try this method as it deactivates windows update for some time. To disable Windows Update follow the steps given below:

Step 1: In the search bar type CP and select Control Panel from the list.

Step 2: Now look for System and Security and click on it. Inside it select Windows Update>>Change Settings.

Step 3: Now time to change the Windows Updates settings.

Windows Updates settings

Step 4: Here, disable “Giving me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates” option and also disable “Giving me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows” options by unchecking both options and click on OK.

Step 5: Type CMD in the search bar and select command prompt and right click on it and choose run as administrator option from the list.

Step 6: A black window will appear. Here type the command given below and press enter:

net stop wuauserv

Step 7: After that close the window of command prompt and try to update your Windows system.

We expect after this solution; you will not see Windows 10 update assistant stuck at 99.

Note: After updating your Windows system to start the Windows Update type, again open the command prompt and type the command given below and press the enter key:

net start wuauserv

It will be again active windows update.

Solution 4: Update Windows 7 Pending Updates

The main reason for the error of Windows 10 upgrade assistant stuck at 99% is pending updates of Windows 7. So check for the updates are pending or not. If yes then b update the Windows 7 with below-given steps:

Step 1: From the left bottom of Windows screen open settings.

Step 2: Located and click on the Windows Update option.

Step 3: Now click on Check for updates option.

Step 4: As you click on it, it will show you a list of all pending updates. Just click on update.

Step 5: After completion of pending updates, restart your pc. Try again to update your windows.

Solution 5: Use Media Creation Tool

If all the above mention methods did not help you to solve the windows 10-anniversary update stuck at 99 error, then the last troubleshooting step is using Media Creation tool. It helps you to create a setup file for Windows 10 and guide you in reinstallation process. Follow the steps given below to use media creation tool and fix the error.

Step 1: First, download the Media Creation tool on your windows pc.

Step 2: Find the downloaded file and install it. To install Media Creation tool, double-click on it and follow the on-screen instructions till it shows you Windows 10 setup screen.

Step 3: Now select upgrade this PC option and click on Next to continue.

upgrade this PC

Step 4: Once the download completes, click on Accept to agree to terms and conditions of the app.

Note: Choose all personal files and application option as it always selects it as default. If it is not selected, then select it manually by clicking on Change what to keep the option in the setup and modify the settings.

Step 5: Click on install button to start the Windows 10 update and wait for some time.


It is all about how to fix windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99 percent. We hope this article useful to you. In case of any doubts or problems use the comment box given below. Our expert will love to help you. Leave your feedback and opinions in the comment section, too. Thank you!

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